Breakfast Sandwich Smackdown in JP

Every morning in Jamaica Plain, local kitchens battle to serve the best breakfast sandwich to the eclectic blend of mothers strolling their children, overeducated dog-walkers, bleary eyed hipsters, starving artists, queer folk, and savvy self-employed freelancers, and constantly running-late professionals.

This morning I had the pleasure of revisiting the recently renovated Fiore’s Bakery.  Their breakfast sandwich KILLED. Piled with perfectly scrambled eggs on an everything Kupel’s*** bagel, shredded cheddar, a slice of tomato and sausage patty.  The enormity of this beast definitely lends itself to sharing. I happily shelled out $7, which included an iced coffee.

I could barely finish this. Luckily (Lickily? ) My dog was close by to demolish the remaining cheese bits


Now for comparison purposes I’d like to present City Feed and Supply’s Breakfast sandwich. Their Centre st location hot griddle presses their egg and cheese and sausage sandwich on a fornax roll. Similar ingredient: Same Sausage patty from what I can tell. City Feed promotes their eggs as antibiotic free, and I suspect Fiore’s are as well (I mean they are a Vegan Bakery so one would expect them to source ethically produced eggs) Here is a photo I snagged from the JP Patch.


Photo Credit James Morgan from JP Patch


The major differences are the bread and the portion. The Fornax English muffin that City Feed serves will have you thinking “I’m Lovin it.” It truly resembles a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, without all the guilt of supporting a modern efficient supply chain.  The bagel  that Fiore’s serves is heftier and gives you the option to choose your bagel, a must if you crave a hint of caraway in your morning sammy.  Portion-wise Fiore’s is clearly bigger than City Feeds. The amount of eggs is likely twice that of City Feed’s and of course any bagel is bigger than any English muffin. DO NOT ATTEMPT to share City Feed’s breakfast sandwich under any circumstances! It is so delicious yet unsatisfying to have only half of it! Trust me, if you crave the hustle and bustle of City Feed, get yourself a full sandwich! If you want to chillax across from the new tennis courts, hit up Fiore’s and share the love.

*** My mom would take me to Kupels for a treat after subjecting me to accupuncture in Coolidge Corner as a 10 year old.  So it is near and dear to my heart.


  1. Shirley

    Mmmm ooey gooey breakfast sandwiches. I loved Kupel’s when I was in grad school! Bagels over the Sunday paper is pretty much awesomeness summed up. I know it’s not part of the breakfast sandwich landscape, but can I add Sorella’s in JP for best sweet breakfast?

    1. elimather

      Sorella’s scores Points for best sweet breakfast, points for value, and points for having such a huge space you never have to worry about finding a seat! A few too many options though. Don’t even look at the menu! Just imagine what you want and order it! Diner cuisine in a home on Centre st. Love it!

  2. Nate

    I might argue that City Feed has the modern efficient supply chain whilst McDonalds has the antiquated but massive traditional supply chain…

    1. elimather

      Argue away! By modern I mean industrial age. City Feed’s ethos of knowing their suppliers by first name in many ways is the “traditional” supply chain of pre-industrial time, so I would argue!

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