Awesome Web Innovators Event tonight!

@Wayne founder of Crashlytics kicked it off with a slick deck highlighting why he believes they have been so successful.

Point #1: Focus attention on distribution.

Little tip for anyone following him: he judges his decisions based on how fast you can grow. What do you think? Did he make the right choices in building non-core functionality early on? Read on for the details.

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Xconomy Mobile Madness 2013 Conference

Xconomy Mobile Madness 2013
Photo Credit: Dan Bricklin

This Tuesday, March 19th, Xconomy held their 5th annual Mobile Madness conference at Microsoft New England Research and Development Center

Headlining their great agenda was Jonathan Bush, CEO of AthenaHealth, who implored mobile developers to enter healthcare because of what he called “Financial and Spiritual Arbitrage opportunities.” Indeed I was convinced at both a logical and emotional level by his conclusion that Mobile is about human experience and that healthcare should be an expression of our humanity.

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