Product Management: Needs, Features & Benefits


Last week I began General Assembly’s course on Product Management. Gopal Shenoy is leading the class as our instructor offering personal accounts, and lessons gleaned from many years as a product manager. ¬†After each class our assignment is to write a blog post on the topic of the previous class. Given that the 10 week course meets twice a week this is my first of nearly 20 blog posts.

First up: Features, vs. Benefits. This post builds upon teamwork done in class, instructor feedback, and industry authority perspectives. In our first class exercise my team considered building a new photo sharing app. (I know, huge market need right?? *Sarcasm* ) We were able to generate a list of needs, features and benefits given a set of personas. What was the process we used?

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I just signed up for Hubway today, Boston’s bike sharing program sponsored by New Balance. They had a deal for annual membership at $50 instead of their standard $85, which I learned about during “Let’s Talk about Bikes” an event at the BSA Space. BSA Space is in the recently built LEED Certified 280 Congress St. the same building shared by Trade restaurant, (Amazing Cocktails) Boloco (Sweet touch screen ordering proces) and Fidelity. My buddy from BU just started working over at Fidelity and will one day be a CFO of a fortune 500 company. Not so for me. I am fascinated by collaborative consumption and sharing things rather than acquiring them. This is why I support Hubway.

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